Adjustable Arm Sling-Mueller

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The Mueller Adjustable Arm Sling provides general arm support and restricts movement to assist in healing sore or injured arms and elbows. It helps to stabilize the arm to relieve pain and prevent re-injury. It has an adjustable padded shoulder strap for custom fit.

The arm sling is made of lightweight material that allows the user to wear it comfortably all day. It can be used to support either the left or right arm, and is also made from latex free materials


  • Loosen the shoulder strap and place the elbow in the corner of the sling pouch. Slide the shoulder strap over the head and rest it on the opposite shoulder.
  • Position the shoulder pad on top of the shoulder, and adjust the strap so the arm rests in a comfortable, horizontal position.
  • To remove, simply slide the shoulder strap over the head.

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