Menoelle Plus - Menopause Vitamin

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Support during perimenopause & menopause with Menoelle PLUS and the science of EstroG-100®

Menoelle PLUS is a dietary supplement that is based on the patented plant based extract EstroG-100® extract and Affron®

EstroG-100 Extract: patented plant based extract. Scientifically recognised for its unique composition and gold standard clinical research.

Affron®: A high quality specialised saffron extract of natural originn.

Vitamins: D, B6, Folic Acid. Essential nutrients to support overall health.

Dosage: Take one tablet of menoelle PLUS daily with fluids.

Package contents: 30 capsules



  • Suitable for long-term effects. 
  • Vegan Friendly. 
  • Free From Soy. 
  • Free From Isoflavins. 
  • Can be used alongside HRT. 
  • Breast Cancer Patients can safely use this. 

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