KASH Beauty Blush Sculpt Sticks

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Liven up your everyday look with a KASH Blush Sculpt Stick. The lightweight formula blends beautifully into the skin, breathing warmth, vibrance and life into every high point of the face.

-Poppin Peach (Light): A warm, fresh peach shade that features a subtle hint of glittering gold flecks, giving lighter skin tones a healthy, youthful glow.

-Sweet Talk (Medium): A vibrant coral blush stick that complements a multitude of skin tones, blending in flawlessly to create a vibrant pop of colour.

-Love Language (Medium): A bright, vibrant red-pink that adds a gorgeous pop of colour to the skin, creating a flawless and beautiful look every time.

-Burnt Cherry (Dark): A deep, warm cherry shade is crafted to add warmth and colour to the face, creating a sultry and sumptuous glow.

Protip: Sweep across the high points of the face and blend to create a glowing, youthful vibe.

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