Cys-Control Cranberry 60 Capsules

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Cys-Control is a dietary supplement designed to support urinary tract health and help manage the symptoms of urinary tract infections (UTIs). Here are the key details:

Active Ingredients

  • Cranberry Extract: Known for its ability to prevent bacteria, particularly E. coli, from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract.
  • Hibiscus Extract: Contains antioxidants and compounds that may help reduce bacterial growth and inflammation in the urinary tract.


  • Prevention of UTIs: Helps prevent the recurrence of urinary tract infections by inhibiting the adhesion of bacteria to the urinary tract walls.
  • Support Urinary Tract Health: Promotes overall urinary tract health and function.

Dosage and Administration

  • Typical Dosage: The usual dosage is one capsule or sachet twice daily, ideally taken with meals.
  • Administration: Capsules should be taken with a full glass of water. If using a powder form, dissolve it in a glass of water and drink immediately.

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