Calpol SixPlus Oral Suspension Sugar Free 140ml

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Calpol 6+ Sugar Free is a medication designed to relieve pain and reduce fever in children aged six years and older. Here are the key details:

Active Ingredient

  • Paracetamol (Acetaminophen): Each 5ml dose of Calpol 6+ Sugar Free typically contains 250mg of paracetamol. Paracetamol is known for its analgesic (pain relief) and antipyretic (fever reduction) properties.


  • Pain Relief: Effective for mild to moderate pain such as headaches, toothache, sore throat, earache, and minor aches and pains.
  • Fever Reduction: Helps reduce fever associated with common colds, flu, and post-immunization.


  • Sugar-Free: Suitable for children who need to avoid sugar, including those with diabetes.
  • Flavor: Often comes in a pleasant flavor, such as strawberry or orange, making it more acceptable to children.
  • Liquid Form: Easy for children to swallow, especially those who have difficulty with tablets.


  • The dosage varies depending on the child's age and weight. It's crucial to adhere to the dosing instructions provided on the packaging or as advised by a healthcare professional to prevent the risk of overdose.


  • Administered orally using a measuring spoon or syringe that typically accompanies the product for accurate dosing.


  • Do not exceed the recommended dose.
  • Check with a healthcare provider before giving Calpol to children with liver or kidney issues.
  • Store out of reach of children.
  • Do not use with other paracetamol-containing products to avoid overdose.

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