Sidena Tablets - 50MG (Sildenafil)

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FREE DELIVERY- Sidena (Sildenafil) 50mg tablets treat erectile dysfunction in adult men -which means having difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance.  Sidena is a safe and discreet over-the-counter medication that can legally be bought online without a prescription. 



  • Adult men age 18 years or older. 
  • Men experiencing erectile dysfunction. 


  • Do not have an erection problem.
  • Take any nitrate medicine for chest pain or heart failure.
  • Have been advised by your doctor to avoid sexual activity because of a problem with your heart or blood vessels.
  • Are allergic to sildenafil or any of the other ingredients of this medicine (listed in Patient Information Leaflet).
  • Have a severe heart problem such as a recent heart attack or stroke (within the last 6 months), unstable angina or severe cardiac failure.
  • Have a severe heart or liver problem.
  • Have low blood pressure. 

Directions for use:

• take 1 tablet hour before sexual activity.
swallow tablet whole with a glass of water.
 DO NOT take more than 1 Sidena tablet in a day.

Sidena begins working within 30-60 minutes of taking. 


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